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Tip No.1 :-

Only use hand over hand and push and pull techniques for steering and keep your hands in a 10 past 10 position all the time. 


Tip No. 2 :-

Maintain your speed according to the speed limit of the area and do not exceed it even 1km/hr more than the limit.


Tip No.3 :-

Always keep the car in the left lane unless you are turning right, overtaking, there are parked cars in the left lane or there is a hazard. 


Tip No. 4 :-

Whenever you change a lane or make a turn left or right, always indicate at an appropriate time so that others can understand your intention. 


Tip No. 5 :-

Always check over the shoulder immediately before changing the lane or turning left, when you are near the kerb. 


Tip No. 6  :-

When you are moving into the kerb, indicate at an appropriate time and check over the shoulder immediately before start moving in. 


Tip No. 7 :-

When you are moving out from the kerb, wait at least 5 secs after indicating, check over the shoulder left and right up to rare window glass immediately before moving out. 


Tip No. 8 :-

Always before stopping at a stop sign, stop within a meter of the stop line and make sure the line is parallel to your side mirror and you can see it under the side mirror. Also, remember you MUST stop at completely  at the stop sign. 


Tip No. 9 :-

Always put a left indicator when you are exiting the round about so that others can understand your intention. 


Tip No. 10 :-

Always check both side  with by turning head  before moving on from any  traffic light. 


Tip No. 11 :-

When you are near a pedestrian crossing make sure you check both side  with by turning head and if there is a pedestrian, then stop at an appropriate distance and wait till the pedestrian has finished crossing.

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